One of the world’s most famous volcanoes, Italy’s Mount Etna, is also among the most active. Etna’s ongoing eruptions attract scientists seeking to better understand the volcanic activity and develop tools to predict the mountain’s behavior.

In a recent interview with Trimble experts, geophysicists from Slovakia and Italy discuss how they use a Trimble® R10 GNSS receiver and Trimble CenterPoint® RTX correction service to achieve high accuracy positioning needed in analyzing magma movement withing Mount Etna. The researchers worked under challenging conditions, including high altitudes, dangerous gases and steep, unstable slopes.

Without the proper tools, the work would have been much more difficult and complicated, one researcher said: “Only by using RTX were we able to collect real-time data.”

Click here to read the entire case study, which includes details of the project as well as their treacherous climb to Mount Etna‘s summit.

Source: Trimble Positioning Services