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Seiler provides equipment to surveying programs in Midwest schools Article from:

By: Lisa Van Horn, NSPS President

NSPS is very interested in identifying ways assist to the schools teaching surveying education. An example of how this can work an arrangement wherein Seiler has been involved with Universities, Colleges, and Technical Schools in Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Missouri, and Indiana for decades. The extent of the involvement has varied from school to school according to their wants and needs. Some schools rent equipment as needed (at a steeply discounted rate). Other schools have established a close relationship with Seiler and are loaned equipment as required by their instruction schedules, while many schools purchase equipment through the Trimble University Partnership Program (TUPP).

Several schools have rented specialized equipment for specific needs and shorter periods of time. In most cases, Seiler has been able to provide this equipment at rates more than 50% below the published rental. 

The Seiler offices loan equipment to schools in Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Michigan, and Wisconsin, and has set aside equipment for that purpose in its local offices in those areas.  A couple of examples are described later in this article.  READ MORE