Once only a slogan scrawled on GNSS developers’ whiteboards, the mantra of “centimeter accuracy for everyone, everywhere” is coming true. The ability to achieve survey-grade (2cm horizontal and 5cm vertical) GNSS-derived positions without post-processing, a base station, network, radio, or cell service has long been atop every forward-thinking surveyor’s wish list. Today it is here. And it’s thriving.Real Time PPP Becomes a Reality

In a recent article in xyHt, editor Gavin Schrock looks at the evolution of real-time precision point positioning (RT-PPP) and the long-time prediction that RT-PPP would one day reach survey-grade performance, especially in the form of commercial RT-PPP.

Enter Trimble® CenterPoint® RTX, a satellite-delivered positioning service that Schrock has followed since 2012.

“Whereas at one time surveying and construction needs were the primary drivers for the development of RTK and NRTK, PPP was simultaneously being developed for precision agriculture, precise marine navigation, geodesy, and surveying/mapping work in remote places,” Schrock notes.

But “the original markets have broadened as PPP has become available in real time, has become much more precise, and is being driven by burgeoning markets for automation and autonomous applications. Surveying and construction will most certainly be happy lateral beneficiaries of advancements in RT-PPP.”

In the xyHt article, Schrock reflects on how the solution has progressed by first looking at PPP and real-time PPP—the evolution, current state, strengths, weakness, and unique utility for broader applications. Click here to read the article in its entirety.

Source:Gavin SchrockXYHT