Trimble eCognition Suite

The eCognition® Suite offers three different components which can be used stand-alone or in combination to solve even the most challenging image analysis tasks.  The suite offers: Superior collection of object based image analysis tools and algorithms, different client versions tailored to specific user roles, intuitive development environment, full integration with existing workflows, scalable from a single desktop to enterprise production workflows, software development kit (SDK), online access to ruleset resources, easy-to-use guided workflows, and comprehensive set of administration tools. Contact us for quote.  

  1. eCognition Developer
  2. eCognition Architect
  3. eCognition Server

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The basis of eCognition

eCognition Developer is a powerful development environment for object-based image analysis. It is used in earth sciences to develop rule sets (or applications for eCognition Architect) for the automatic analysis of remote sensing data.

  • Superior collection of object-based image analysis tools and algorithms
  • Analyzes raster, vector and point cloud data
  • Intuitive development environment
  • Scalable from a single desktop to enterprise production workflows
  • Software Development Kit (SDK)
  • Online access to ruleset resources

Calibrate And Execute Ruleware

eCognition Architect enables non-technical professionals such as vegetation mapping experts, urban planners or foresters to leverage eCognition technology. Users can easily configure, calibrate and execute image analysis workflows created in eCognition Developer.

  • Easy access to superior collection of object based image analysis  functionality
  • Pre packaged generic toolbox for simple click and classifiy solutions
  • Scalable from a single desktop to enterprise production workflows
  • Online access to solution resources
  • Easy-to-use guided workflows

Batch process data

eCognition Server software provides a processing environment for batch execution of image analysis jobs.

  • Automatic processing of large datasets
  • Comprehensive set of administration tools
  • Smooth workflow embedding using the Application Programming Interface


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