GIS Day is Coming

What is GIS Day? GIS Day is an annual event celebrating the technology of geographic information systems (GIS) that was initiated by ESRI. The first GIS day took place in 1999, this year makes twenty years of celebrating GIS day. The event is considered a good initiative for people to learn about geography and the many uses of GIS. [...]

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New Trimble Positions Desktop Release

The Trimble Positions development teams has just released a new version of Trimble Positions Desktop. The latest version release id and entitlement for this release requires maintenance to be valid to July 23, 2019. What is new in this release? 1. Support for ArcGIS Desktop 10.7 and 10.7.1. The installer now properly supports ArcGIS [...]

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Understanding reverse geocoding in Survey123 v”3.0″

Whether you are new to using Survey123 for ArcGIS or a Professional, there are always new tools to learn about.     Survey123 version 3.0 has introduced both geosearching and reverse geocoding functionalities, to allow users to both search for street addresses and places of interest when capturing a location, as well as to retrieve [...]

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New Firmware for TDC150

A new firmware for the Trimble TDC150 has been released. This is a minor firmware update with new features and improvements. New features The following improvements have been made to the TDC150 V3.69 GNSS firmware ● Support Trimble RTX Field Point service Resolved problems • Improved reported accuracy Upgrade procedure Customer can upgrade TDC150 new [...]

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Open House – Customer Appreciation Day 2019

Join us for our Open House – Customer Appreciation Day 2019 at one of our offices.     Click on the link above, image above or the individual links below to register. Please join us and our Geospatial and CAD staff along with several vendor representatives from Trimble, Spectra Precision, Autodesk, and many more for our [...]

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Spectra Mobile Mapper 4.0 Released

Spectra Geospatial MobileMapper Field Android v4.0 Now Available MobileMapper Field v4.0 introduces new features including: Big shapefiles now displayed much more quickly. Logging several lines or polygon features at the same time, with or without offset. Listing features per layer to edit or delete them. Deleting the last vertex logged in manual mode. Creating lines or [...]

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ESRI Collector Update for iOS

Did you know there was a small update for ESRI Collector for iOS? With the update to version 19.1.0 Build 2666 it now will allow users with Trimble GNSS Receivers to see their current battery level within the application. Below is a screenshot showing this change for Trimble users. If you have any questions about [...]

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