New R1 GNSS Firmware 5.09 Released

Trimble R1 GNSS Receiver What’s new in the GNSS Firmware 5.09? Fixed an issue where the receiver would crash after applying a firmware update R1 GNSS Receiver website – Technical Support GNSS Status APP and GNSS Firmware available here Download the GNSS Firmware 5.09 here  – The download will start immediately to your PC. Plug the [...]

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Trimble Catalyst – Getting Started

Trimble Catalyst - Getting Started     The Catalyst Support website: Trimble Catalyst Getting Started: FAQ’s: Compatible Android Devices and “USB-C” adapter: Release Notes:   Contact us at for more information.

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Spring GPS Tune-up

Seiler Mapping GPS Tune-Up April 1, 2018, to May 1, 2018 This winter you can ensure that your Trimble Mapping system is 100% up-to-date and ready to go for another upcoming season in the field. Eligible Equipment: Trimble Geo 7X Trimble R1 and R2 Nomad™ Special Per Unit Cost: $150.00* *If you have a Current [...]

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Coordinate Systems in Terrasync

Coordinate Systems in Terrasync: How and why to use them In this short Tech Tip video we will be discussing coordinate systems in Terrasync. How to navigate to where the coordinate system is located and why we would change the coordinate system within the software. Follow us on our Seiler Instrument YouTube page [...]

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Penmap for Android User Guides

Trimble Penmap software for Android - User Guides and Resources         Here are some handy User Guides, Resources and Videos for Trimble Penmap for Android: Trimble Penmap for Android Website Trimble Penmap for Android Data Sheet Trimble Penmap for Android System Overview Trimble Penmap for Android Documentation Trimble Penmap for Android User [...]

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Spring Mapping Showcase

Please join us as we showcase the 2018 suite of Trimble Mapping GIS/GPS products   Take advantage of this opportunity to learn more in person with our Mapping team.  Let us provide you some tips and tricks, and show you the latest Trimble Mapping technology solutions that will help solve your most challenging business problems. Here is the [...]

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R2 Firmware Update

R2 Firmware Update Trimble has released a new firmware version for the Trimble R2. The new GNSS firmware version is 5.32. To update to the latest firmware a current and valid receiver warranty is required. The release notes do not detail too much on the actual features and improvements made to the GNSS Receiver firmware. [...]

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Utility Product Article

Building Smarter Apps for Smarter Cities   The Seiler Instrument Mapping Team partnered with TerraGo Technologies to create our own data capture smart application called Seiler Field2GIS. In the following article we discuss the how using our app will help to make data collection and data management easier for not only utilities but for everyday [...]

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Trimble Penmap for Android – Resources

Trimble Penmap for Android - Resources     Here are some resources for Trimble Penmap for Android: Main Website Data Sheet Documentation Online Help Getting Started Videos Penmap for Android overview video Penmap for Android webinar recording 12-6-17   Trimble Penmap for Android is compatible with the following Trimble GNSS Receiver/Antennas.  See the Data Sheet [...]

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