ArcGIS User Seminars – April 2020

Due to Covid19, the remaining Spring 2020 ArcGIS User Seminars will now be virtual.     Click here to learn more and register. You can also click on either of the images Times:  from 9:30am - 12:30pm Central or EST depending on the host location. Agenda can be viewed and downloaded Original location events have [...]

Collector for ArcGIS “Android v20.1.0”

It has been over a year in the making, but Collector for ArcGIS "Android v20.1.0" was released on March 29th, 2020. See the blog by Jeff Shaner from Esri "What's New in Collector ArcGIS March 2020" We have created a video on how to set up a "Trimble R - Series GNSS Receiver" with Trimble [...]

Enable Your Data for Offline Use in Collector for iOS

The fields of GPS and GIS are growing exponentially with new and innovative technologies that keep pushing the field forward. However, the limitations of GPS signal and Wi-Fi capabilities still persist. Often times, field workers find themselves in situations without a reliable data connection or no connection at all. Luckily, ESRI has innovated their way [...]

New R1 GNSS Firmware 5.44 Released

What’s new in the GNSS Firmware 5.44? Receiver automatically reconnects to last connected iOS device Provision of NMEA over second External Accessory Protocol channel on Prevented applications from inadvertently disabling NMEA on EAP channels and Bluetooth GNSS Profile port A major benefit of this release is the full compatibility with the Esri mobile applications Survey123 [...]

Snapping Lines in Collector for iOS – January 2020

See this recent Collector for ArcGIS post "What's new in Collector for ArcGIS January 2020" You now have the ability to snap lines   Snapping Setting in Collector for iOS 20.1.0               Included in the 20.1.0 release for iOS: Snapping to existing features Update form entries for [...]

Where are you celebrating GIS Day 2019?

GIS Day and GIS Week are fast approaching. Click on this link GIS Day Overview to learn more and or to find an event near you.   A message from Jack Dangermond about GIS Day   Seiler Geospatial Mapping Staff will be be attending these 3 events: Eastern Iowa GIS User Group - November 13th UM-Dearborn - [...]

GIS Day is Coming

What is GIS Day? GIS Day is an annual event celebrating the technology of geographic information systems (GIS) that was initiated by ESRI. The first GIS day took place in 1999, this year makes twenty years of celebrating GIS day. The event is considered a good initiative for people to learn about geography and the many uses of GIS. [...]

Real-time GNSS Correciton Networks – Seiler territory

These Real-time GNSS Correction Networks can be used with both Trimble Mapping and Trimble Survey High Accuracy GNSS Receivers.   Trimble Networks:                                                              Leica Networks:   Missouri:    [...]