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GPS/GIS Hardware Solutions

Seiler provides integrated systems for professional data collection that are ultra compact and designed for every day field work.  Trimble Mapping & GIS/GPS products improve productivity in hundreds of industries by geo-enabling field work-forces with high accuracy, rugged, and easy-to-use products. Contact us for demo and details.

New!  Trimble TDC150 GNSS Hand Held Data Collector

Trimble Geo7X

Trimble R2

Trimble R1

Trimble Juno 5

Trimble TDC100

New Trimble Catalyst Antenna

  • Trimble TDC150 GNSS Hand Held Data Collector

    The Trimble TDC150 GNSS is a hand-held high accuracy field solution for GIS applications.

  • Trimble R2 Integrated GNSS System

    The Trimble® R2 is a compact, durable GNSS receiver that provides an easy-to-use solution for GIS and survey professionals who need to collect highly accurate data in a wide range of geospatial applications.

  • Trimble Juno 5

    Your team will perform better when they’ve got the tools they need to get the job done. Trimble® Juno® 5 series handhelds combine must have functionality with the familiarity of a smartphone form-factor.

    Compatible with GIS-oriented Trimble workflows, the Juno 5 is the smart solution your team can trust for standardizing inspections and asset management.

  • Trimble Geo 7X

    The Trimble® Geo 7X handheld belongs to the Trimble GeoExplorer® series family of integrated, rugged, and high-accuracy GNSS handhelds. As a streamlined solution that enables faster and more productive data collection, the Geo 7X is ideal for organizations such as utility companies, municipalities, and environmental agencies that require mobile data collection and asset management solutions

“We have been very happy with the Trimble Geo 7x. Once I got the work flow down with Positions it’s been great. It’s so easy to add new information or update existing information in ESRI.”

Nic, Chippewa Valley Electric