Trimble Correction Services

Seiler and Trimble® provide several options for high-accuracy GNSS data correction solutions for multi-disciplinary applications. Trimble CenterPoint® RTX is the premier correction service, which provides accuracy better than 2 cm RMS via satellite or cellular, converging to full accuracy almost instantly in CenterPoint RTX Fast regions, and in less than 15 minutes everywhere else in North America.

With no base stations needed, work in the most remote locations or across large geographic areas. Compatible with the Trimble R10 and Trimble R2.

For up to date Trimble Correction Services coverage maps, please visit Trimble Positioning Services



VRS Now™ provides instant access to real-time kinematic (RTK) corrections utilizing a network of permanent (fixed) continuously operating reference stations, which provides high precision accuracy less than 2 cm accuracy with coverage centrally located in the United States. The MWRTK network provides coverage in Eastern Nebraska only.


FAQ: Did you know Seiler was a pioneer in VRS networks in the Midwest, beginning with the private, cooperative MWRTK network? This experience led to us facilitating and constructing state wide Real Time Networks for the Missouri Department of Transportation and the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.