Real-Time Precise Point Positioning Becomes a Reality

Once only a slogan scrawled on GNSS developers’ whiteboards, the mantra of “centimeter accuracy for everyone, everywhere” is coming true. The ability to achieve survey-grade (2cm horizontal and 5cm vertical) GNSS-derived positions without post-processing, a base station, network, radio, or cell service has long been atop every forward-thinking surveyor’s wish list. Today it is here. [...]

A Good Solution Gets Better

Since the early days of satellite-based surveying, geospatial professionals have struggled to get centimeter-level accuracy when working on remote sites. Enter real-time kinematic (RTK) and real-time GNSS networks (RTN), both providing centimeter-level positioning in real time. In a recent article in America Surveyor, Trimble’s Mark Richter looks at the limitations of RTK and RTN and [...]

Gaining Inside Knowledge on Mount Etna

One of the world’s most famous volcanoes, Italy’s Mount Etna, is also among the most active. Etna’s ongoing eruptions attract scientists seeking to better understand the volcanic activity and develop tools to predict the mountain’s behavior. In a recent interview with Trimble experts, geophysicists from Slovakia and Italy discuss how they use a Trimble® R10 [...]