The National Geodetic Society finalized its release of GEOID18

The National Geodetic Society finalized its release of GEOID18. See NGS site for more information For Trimble software users, see attached Trimble support bulletin to immediately add GEOID18 to your Trimble software. Any questions contact Seiler Tech Support or call us toll free: Technical Support: 844-266-7266- Missouri and Illinois Technical Support: 844-602-9313- Kansas City [...]

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Real-Time Precise Point Positioning Becomes a Reality

Once only a slogan scrawled on GNSS developers’ whiteboards, the mantra of “centimeter accuracy for everyone, everywhere” is coming true. The ability to achieve survey-grade (2cm horizontal and 5cm vertical) GNSS-derived positions without post-processing, a base station, network, radio, or cell service has long been atop every forward-thinking surveyor’s wish list. Today it is here. [...]

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Seiler Survey Equipment Education Programs in the NSPS News

Seiler Survey Equipment Education Programs in the NSPS News Seiler provides equipment to surveying programs in Midwest schools Article from: By: Lisa Van Horn, NSPS President NSPS is very interested in identifying ways assist to the schools teaching surveying education. An example of how this can work an arrangement wherein Seiler has been involved [...]

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Seiler Instrument Announces Asset Purchase Agreement to Acquire Midwest Survey Supply and Michigan Surveyors Supply

Effective May 13, 2019 - STL -Seiler Instrument & Manufacturing Company Inc. acquired the assets of Midwest Survey Supply and Michigan Surveyors Supply operations in Detroit and Lansing, Michigan.  The offices in Detroit and Lansing will add to the existing geospatial offices Seiler operates in St. Louis, Kansas City, Omaha, Milwaukee and Indianapolis. The Seiler [...]

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Discontinuing support for Trimble Connected Community

Discontinuing support for Trimble Connected Community Trimble® Access™, AccessSync support for Trimble Connected Community (TCC) is being discontinued. All Geospatial Organizations using the TCC platform for AccessSync file synchronization should transition to using the Trimble Connect platform before August 16th 2019. You can find details here on link to Trimble Product Bulletin.  Any questions contact [...]

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A Good Solution Gets Better

Since the early days of satellite-based surveying, geospatial professionals have struggled to get centimeter-level accuracy when working on remote sites. Enter real-time kinematic (RTK) and real-time GNSS networks (RTN), both providing centimeter-level positioning in real time. In a recent article in America Surveyor, Trimble’s Mark Richter looks at the limitations of RTK and RTN and [...]

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Alabama Professor Uses High-Accuracy Positioning Data to Build Water System in Remote Rwandan Village

Christian Brodbeck is an engineering professor with Alabama’s Auburn University. On a recent trip to East Africa, he and six students constructed a water distribution system in an isolated village in Rwanda where there is no electricity or running water. And, of course, no WiFi. Yet Brodbeck has received some of the highest accuracy positioning [...]

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Trimble Access Version 2018. 21 Released

Trimble Access Version 2018.21Released.  These release notes describe the new features and changes available in Trimble® Access™ software. One of the issues resolved is Station Setup: this release fixes the bug that stored an azimuth only backsight if you escaped out of a setup. Read more here on other issues this release resolves: 2018.21 version [...]

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