Press Release: Delair Expands Drone Repair and Maintenance Operations to US with Seiler Instrument

Delair Expands Drone Repair and Maintenance Operations to US Service Firms, one which is Seiler Instrument. Seiler Instrument is pleased to be selected as one of the two United States Service and Repair Centers qualified to provide comprehensive customer support for its Delair UX11 advanced mapping and surveying drone. Seiler's training took place at Delair’s main [...]

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Many thanks to our customers for helping us support veterans….

Thank you to our customers for helping us support our veterans and attending our Customer Appreciation Days/Open Houses this past Summer. Seiler Instrument held our annual open house/customer appreciation days late this summer.  We host these events in five of our office locations across the Midwest; St. Louis, Kansas City, Omaha, Indianapolis and Milwaukee. This [...]

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45⁰N – 90⁰W Geographic Marker

45⁰N - 90⁰W Geographic Marker Seiler Instrument is proud to have helped along with many other local surveying firms with the building and monument restoration/relocation of the 45th Parallel of Latitude and the 90th Meridian of Longitude.  In short, this is known as the 45-90 Geographic Marker, which is the center of the Northwest Hemisphere.  [...]

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Seiler helps Support Engineers Without Borders USA- SIUC

Seiler loves to help support schools and nonprofit organizations like Engineers without Borders, USA, to help improve quality of life in worldwide communities and specifically, we focus on where we can help most - ones with land surveying needs. Seiler is  especially excited to help support a great group of talented folks at  the Southern [...]

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Seiler helps Michigan Tech University Students on Capstone Project.

Helping support continuing education to the Surveying|Geospatial Industry has been a passion for Seiler Instrument for many years, but one person in particular who has really helped promote this passion is Terry Lueschow, PLS out of our Seiler Wisconsin Office.  Since 2006, Terry has helped coordinate and supply to Michigan Technological University (MTU) Surveying and Engineering [...]

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