Trimble RTX Infopack

In this info pack you will find information that will help you to understand the benefits of using Trimble’s Centerpoint RTX real-time correction service to improve your survey or mapping data.

CenterPoint RTX Fast
Learn all you need to know about CenterPoint RTX Fast service and where you can receive one minute initialization times.

Trimble RTX Frequently Asked Questions

Take a deep-dive into everything you need to know about Trimble’s CenterPoint RTX; from how the technology works, what Trimble xFill is, and the differences between RTK and RTX.

Trimble Survey Portfolio Card
Trimble’s GNSS positioning services deliver survey-grade accuracy, ideal for all aspects of a surveying project, from initial design and stakeout to as-built surveys.

Trimble Mapping Portfolio Card
Trimble positioning services for mapping and GIS delivers decimeter or better accuracy for most mapping, asset location, and data collection tasks.

30 Day Trial
After reviewing the material above you are probably ready to sign up for the Trimble RTX 30 Day Trial! Use the promo code GEO2019 and have 30 days of Trimble Centerpoint RTX corrections for FREE!